Online Loans Same Day Lenders -Ferme-La-Penetie.Com Tue, 21 Jul 2020 12:03:01 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Instant payday loan even without co-applicant. Tue, 10 Mar 2020 11:07:26 +0000 A loan often has to be available very quickly these days, as consumers sometimes have to decide very quickly whether they want to invest or not. However, if the necessary money is missing for the investment, a loan must be found to fill the financial hole. The most suitable is an instant payday loan that can be applied for quickly and that is also processed and paid out quickly. But for this to happen, as a borrower, you have to know and be able to meet the framework conditions of such a loan. Especially if you are looking for an instant payday loan without a co-applicant.

The framework for an instant payday loan without a co-applicant

The framework for an instant loan without a co-applicant

A loan is generally only granted in Germany if you can demonstrate a good credit rating. The creditworthiness is a value that is made up of several factors and shows and evaluates the professional, private and financial aspects of the borrower. If the borrower gets a good rating, he can take out a loan. If, on the other hand, the rating is bad, it looks bad even with a loan.

These rules also apply to an instant payday loan without a co-applicant. Here it is even more important that the creditworthiness is good, since you want to take out the loan without a co-applicant and therefore the bank can offer no more security than your own creditworthiness. But how do you get a good credit rating to take out an instant payday loan without a co-applicant?

So you have a good credit rating

So you have a good credit rating

To get a good credit rating, you have to be able to meet and serve several factors. On the one hand, you have to be able to demonstrate regular and permanent work. The evaluation is particularly positive if it can be found in the public service. If a high and attractive income arises from this work, you have already paved the way for a good credit rating.

The personal requirements are also important. If you are young, unattached and have no financial obligations for children, you will be rated much better than a father with four children. The same applies to financial obligations towards other banks or companies. Anyone who already has a loan will automatically be rated lower in creditworthiness. So the fewer debts you have, the better this is.

Finally, the Credit Bureau must also be such that there are no negative entries. If all of this is given, an instant payday loan without a co-applicant can be requested.

How to request an instant payday loan

How to request an instant loan

An instant payday loan should be processed quickly and also be available quickly. For this reason, you must be able to quickly provide the bank with all the necessary documents. It is therefore advisable to search for your ID, bank statements and salary statements in advance in order to then be able to apply for the instant payday loan smoothly.

If you want to go particularly quickly, you should apply for the loan from a local bank. Of course, an application via the Internet also works. However, the payment can then take a little longer, since the money always has to be transferred and cannot be paid out in cash.

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Retirement Loans – where to find? Fri, 31 Jan 2020 11:14:35 +0000 Do you receive a retirement or disability pension and need extra money? Today, pensions are desperately low, and seniors, who rely only on state aid, often live in very poor conditions, which are often complicated by a medical condition that makes living more difficult and expensive in old age.

Is this loan worth taking out for?

Is this loan worth taking out for?


Loans for pensioners are mostly non-purpose, but pensioners often use them for basic necessities, such as paying rent or paying for medical care.

Banks usually do not offer much opportunity for people who are not of working age, so retirees have no choice but to seek help in the non-banking sector. Today, many companies offer special loans for retirees at a discounted rate, but just look for a classic non-bank loan that does not require confirmation of income.

Non-bank loans for pensioners

Non-bank loans for pensioners

You can use these loans for any purpose and offer a solution to a difficult financial situation for virtually everyone. You can get them very easily over the Internet, by simply filling out an online form. You don’t even have to go to the branch and the provider will deliver the contract to your home for signing.

  • they can be equipped very quickly
  • non – purpose loans
  • Your partner may not know about your loan
  • they can be sent directly to the account
  • there is a possibility of early repayment
  • loans from 1,000 to 150,000
  • they can also be used to consolidate loans
  • at the age of over 65, a guarantor is required
  • The maturity of the loan can range from 1 to 7 years
  • after 6 installments you can draw another loan

To obtain a loan for a pensioner, you need a copy of your identity card and some other document, such as a copy of your birth certificate or passport. If you receive a pension with a blue voucher, then you need the original of its cut.

Unfortunately, loans for retirees also have their pitfalls, including a high interest rate and an APR. Vulnerable seniors are also at much greater risk of succumbing to fraudulent offers and can get into significant trouble. Therefore, you should only choose certified companies that provide quality products.

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Money loans online same day -Get online loans same day up to $1000 Mon, 05 Aug 2019 03:17:24 +0000  

You need a loan quickly, but are worried that you will not be able to receive a loan because you have no income or salary certificate? This fear is often unfounded, as mortgages can be granted through private lenders, even if you are currently unemployed or receive credit.

Get online loans same day up to $1000 

With one click here, you can apply to your online loan same day. Basically, a private investor is relatively free, what evidence he requires you to approve a loan. However, if you are unemployed and currently unable to provide income proof or proof of payroll, you may still be able to obtain a credit agreement by meeting other criteria that are important to the lender.

Comparison of urgent loans without income or proof of income

Anyone who chooses to take out a loan without proof of income should not just sign the first credit agreement presented to him, but conduct a detailed credit comparison. The selection of urgent loans without salary increases steadily, which is why this procedure is even more important.

Online portals for the preliminary comparison of loan offers

Online portals for the preliminary comparison of loan offers

On the Web today, there are a variety of online platforms that help you to compare different loan offers without proof of payroll. So use these portals and compare interest rates, management fees, installments, maturities, and repayment schedules before requesting non-committal loan offers.

The settlement with an urgent loan without salary

The application for an emergency loan without income is today via a form that is handed over personally or simply via the Internet via online form possible. Among other things, personal details, financial circumstances, fixed costs as well as information on the requested loan are made. Once the application has been made and all the necessary data has been provided truthfully, the lending institution or investor decides whether a loan can be granted or not.

Express credit without proof of income through banks?

Anyone who thinks that an in-form loan without an income can only be obtained via the “private way” should know that there are also banks that voluntarily refrain from proving a wage or payroll when granting loans. In general, however, the higher risk of default, which can certainly exist in the case of a loan without proof of income, is offset by higher interest rates. In addition, the loan amounts that are actually granted here are rather smaller, in order to hedge this way once again additionally as a lender.

So if you need money quickly, for example, to make a back payment or to be able to pay for a repair, so in general, has the ability to receive an urgent loan even without proof of income. As with all loans, however, before signing a loan agreement, you should make a detailed comparison to get a loan with acceptable terms. Who wants to be sent from Pontius to Pilate?

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Transfer savings loan or savings credit Thu, 01 Aug 2019 06:49:15 +0000 What are savings loans anyway? Not much is written about this loan form. That is why we thought it was time to give some attention to this form of borrowing. A savings loan is sometimes referred to simply as a savings credit. This credit has agreements with the so-called ‘interest credit’. Since this form of saving or credit was widely ‘sold’ in the late 1990s and early 2000s, these savings loans are now about to expire.

Investments were often made with the money deposited and in many cases this did not go well. Since these savings loans, also known as premium loans, are now ending up in large numbers, it might be a good idea to take a closer look at them and perhaps transfer them to a personal loan. With this the book can be closed and you know exactly what has yet to be repaid and how long this will take.

What are the characteristics of a savings loan?

What are the characteristics of a savings loan?

Savings loans have a number of characteristics that you will not find with other types of loans. You borrow money with which you save a certain amount and you can then take out a savings insurance policy. You pay premium on a monthly basis. Incidentally, the interest on this loan is usually not tax deductible.

Because you also pay interest on the amount of money you borrow. You repay the credit with the money that you were able to save thanks to the savings insurance.

These savings insurance policies have maturities from 15 years. After this period, the insurer pays out the insured amount accumulated and you can then use it to repay the credit. You can usually repay your savings loan early without having to pay a penalty.

Savings loan as financing for durable goods

By the way, savings loans are not nearly as suitable for all types of loan objectives. You can use this loan the very best to finance durable goods. You could think of goods such as kitchens, campers or caravans. The special thing is (and we wrote that at the beginning of this article) that this type of loan is only very occasionally closed.

And that while the loan has quite a lot of benefits. You borrow money while you decide how much to withdraw and when. In addition, you have low monthly payments and you have the certainty that you can repay the loan amount because you are saving money at the same time. Savings loans have agreements with a revolving credit.

Savings loan and revolving credit have agreements

Savings loan and revolving credit have agreements

The savings loan resembles the revolving credit in certain respects. With both loan forms you can determine yourself when and how much money you withdraw. If you withdraw money, interest will only be charged on that amount.

Long duration can be a disadvantage

Long term and mandatory insurance is a disadvantage

Long term and mandatory insurance is a disadvantage

Borrowing money always costs money. But the savings loan can save you money, at least if you take advantage of tax benefits. The disadvantage of this loan is that you are stuck with a long term of at least 15 years. And you are required to take out insurance with this loan type, namely the savings insurance. Another disadvantage or advantage (depending on the level of interest) is that the interest on the savings credit / savings loan is flexible.

Benefits of savings loan or savings credit

Benefits of savings loan or savings credit

► You can repay without penalty
► Flexible when depositing and withdrawing money
► If you use the money for home improvement, the interest may be deductible
► The savings loan is also the repayment
► Just as with revolving credit, only pay interest on the amount withdrawn

But also disadvantages

► As described, a long duration
► Danger of rising interest
► Only suitable for long term planning

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Best Loan from 10,000 Euros: Discover the Offers! Sun, 05 May 2019 06:22:51 +0000 If you are looking for the best deals on Christian Tejanos and in particular for a 10,000 euro loan, below we present three particularly advantageous alternatives, identified thanks to our Christian Tejanos comparator. Here they are in detail.

10,000 euro loan for liquidity

10,000 euro loan for liquidity

Sooner or later it can happen to everyone to face an unexpected expense and not have enough liquidity available to meet the total amount to be covered. In this case the best solution is to consider the idea of ​​applying for a loan from one of the many credit institutions.

In these cases, a 10,000 euro loan could be more than sufficient, useful for example to finance some work at home or to change cars. As with any loan, banks must evaluate specific parameters before endorsing the credit request.

The requirements to be able to obtain a loan strictly depend on the type of work performed. An open-ended contract, a pension, an employment contract in the law enforcement or a public employee contract inevitably offer more security than a fixed-term contract.

Here are the best offers that you can refer to if you were in possession of a permanent employment contract and with the desire to repay the amount due over 5 years. If these criteria are not met, you can still apply for funding; it will then be up to the Bank to decide from time to time on the feasibility of the transaction.

Loan of 10,000 euros: here are the best offers

Loan of 10,000 euros: here are the best offers

Based on the selected parameters, the best banks and financial institutions turned out to be Ourcredit, PLE Bank and Foabank.

Ourcredit is a platform by Christian Tejanos online, which allows you to receive liquidity quickly and reliably without the need for intermediation of traditional credit institutions.

PLE Bank and Foabank are respectively a bank and a financial company, both of which are particularly active in the sector of loans through salary or pension assignment. In this case the maximum amount that can be requested is therefore strictly linked to your net monthly income, since it usually cannot exceed one fifth of the salary or pension.

If you want to know more in detail the amounts, installments and interest rates, we recommend that you make a comparison on our Christian Tejanos portal and book your appointment at the branch, where you can receive a personalized quote.

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Payday Loan of 500 Euros – 1,000 Euros: Which bank offers it? Sun, 05 May 2019 06:12:31 +0000 If you are looking for a small loan, for example a loan of 500 euros, to realize your project (for example the purchase of a PC, a household appliance or furniture for the home), a good solution could be to request a small loan fast. We are talking about a particular credit product that allows to obtain the requested amount generally in a short time, even in just 48 hours. However, the time taken by the bank to grant the loan will always depend on the specific economic situation and the credit profile of the applicant.

Having made this first clarification, it is good to know that most banking institutions that offer credit solutions of this kind tend to accept financing requests starting from 1,000 or 1,500 euros. This means that you will rarely come across a bank that grants payday loan 500 euros. If you are still interested in this particular credit product, we recommend that you continue reading this article to find out which are the little loans that are the cheapest at the moment.

Bankil Mini Loan: payday loan for 1,000 euros

Bankil Mini Loan: loan for 1,000 euros

Among the best loan fast of the moment, we find for example Mini Prestito of Bankil, the credit solution that allows you to obtain a liquidity of 1,000 euros, 2,000 or 3,000 euros. This solution is dedicated to savers with PostePay Evolution cards.

The planned amortization plan is 22 fixed monthly installments and once the institution has verified your credit profile, Bankil will arrange to provide you with the liquidity requested directly on your PostePay Evolution or on your Bankil current account.

To obtain the loan, you must be between the ages of 18 and 76 (at the end of the repayment), be resident in Italy and have a demonstrable income produced in Italy.

fast loan from Cleopar and Onecredit

fast loan from Cleopar and Onecredit

If you need a payday loan with a slightly higher amount (for example equal to 1,500 euros), then we advise you to consider the solutions proposed by Cleopar and Onecredit.

Bankate is the credit product offered by Cleopar that allows you to request a capital starting from 1,500 euros. This solution also allows you to have a liquidity reserve that is always available: this is automatically reconstituted at the time of repayment of the principal amount of the credit thanks to the small monthly installments of 50 euros or 100 euros, based on the balance of the debt.

Loan Crediter Express Mini is instead the Onecredit proposal designed to request loans with an amount between 1,500 euros and 3,000 euros. Once you have obtained the loan, you will have to repay the amount with a minimum of 24 installments up to a maximum of 36 installments.

These are some of the most affordable loan solutions available at the bank.

Payday loan of 500 euros: other solutions

Loan of 500 euros: other solutions

If 1,000 / 1,500 euros is an excessive amount for your liquidity needs, one possible way to get a loan of 500 euros is to opt for a loan between private individuals, stipulated for example between friends or family.

Although this solution represents a less stringent financing formula than those available at the bank, it is good to proceed with caution, making for example the drafting of so-called private writing. Therefore, when drawing up the contract, remember to enter the loan amount in addition to the times and methods for repaying the loan.

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Unsecured Loans Offer 5 These Benefits to Customers Sun, 24 Mar 2019 06:12:55 +0000 Surely there are differences in functions, ways and advantages between one credit with another. For example, if you want to buy a home mortgage loan (mortgage) it seems more suitable. What are the benefits of taking credit without collateral?

# 1. It Does Not Need Long, It Can Be 5 Days Liquid

Unsecured credit services are a solution for those of you who need cash for urgent needs. Examples of urgent needs: there are families who are seriously ill, repair roofs due to storms, repair vehicles due to flooding and so on. Usually banks take care of credit in less than 5 days, even a bank can take care of it within 1 day.

# 2. Easy Submission Terms and Low Fees

The process of submitting credit without collateral is fairly easy. You only need to come to a (conventional) bank, compare loan (digital) products, fill out forms and meet the terms and conditions. There are several banks that eliminate administrative fees, but there are also some banks that charge fees. If you pay attention to banks that provide low loan interest, usually charge a provision fee (or the initial admin fee).

# 3. Loan Repayment Time Can Be Longer

Some banks also provide facilities with a longer tenor or repayment period. You can pay off loan within 5 years (60 months). With a longer tenor or repayment time, it is expected to facilitate installments.

# 4. Allows for Accelerated Repayment

Unsecured Credit (loan) has a feature for accelerating repayment. Be careful before, because there are several loan products that charge fees if you make an early repayment. Before you accelerate repayment, it’s best to compare the accelerated repayment costs with non-repayment fees.

# 5. Loan Ceiling Can Reach IDR 200 Million

At present the loan loan ceiling can reach Rp 200 million, and there are even banks that provide loans of up to Rp 500 million. Of course the higher the loan ceiling, of course the higher the terms.

What should loan be used for?

What should loan be used for?

What do you think loan should be used for? Judging from the characteristics of its products, loan is more suitable to be classified as consumer credit. Usually people use loan to deal with lack of funds. For example, parents lack funds of Rp 10 million – Rp 20 million for tuition, so they can use loan.

Ideally large expenditures (such as buying a house, vehicle, funding for children’s education, kpr, marriage and religious travel) are prepared and planned in advance. Proper planning allows you to meet these needs without having to owe.

Sometimes there are also disasters and our emergency funds are insufficient. For example, suddenly there was a big storm and damaged the roof of our house. The emergency fund that we have prepared, turns out to be insufficient to replace the roof. loan is one of the solutions to these conditions.

How is loan for business? There are people who agree to loan for business capital, but there are also those who oppose it. In our opinion, if you want to use loan as a business capital, you should calculate the worst risk. Examples of what happens if your new business isn’t crowded and can’t cover loan interest? And so forth.

You are the one who determines

You are the one who determines

loan products certainly have their advantages and disadvantages. Make sure before you apply for loan, you have studied the product, the rules of the game, know the fines and fees that you have to pay. In addition, you need to be wise in using credit without collateral. Finally, you need high discipline and remember that a person’s maximum installments are 30% of income.

Have you ever intended to apply for loans without collateral? Why do you want to apply for loans without collateral ?

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5 ways to pay off the mortgage loan for the home in advance Wed, 06 Mar 2019 07:59:18 +0000 No matter how much we don’t like debt, most people reach home ownership with the help of a mortgage. While it may be necessary to put your foot in the door of home ownership, paying off a mortgage as soon as possible has many financial advantages, including saving thousands of dollars in interest payments.

If you want to pay your mortgage more quickly, start by reviewing your documents and noting if there is a mortgage prepayment penalty. In this case, identify in which cases you must pay and how it is calculated.

Pay attention to the penalties for the advance payment

Homeowners with no prepayment mortgages can make extra payments whenever they want at no cost. However, mortgages with prepayment penalties are subject to restrictions. The advance payment options are governed by the terms and conditions of the loan and can vary significantly between mortgages and credit institutions.

Look for the loan documents for the phrases “early disclosure”, “prepayment penalty disclosure” or “prepayment penalty”. Please review the terms carefully before making additional payments to ensure that you are not charged extra for doing so. Mortgages with advance payment penalties are offered in fixed-rate loans of 15, 20, 30 and 40 years and variable-rate mortgages, and the advance payment sanction is often in force until the first five years of the loan.

Mortgage loans can allow borrowers to pay anywhere from 10% to 20% on the mortgage annually, without penalties, using a main deductible. However, a penalty is applied for payments that exceed this limit.

The actual penalty is calculated in a variety of ways depending on the lender and the terms of your particular mortgage. One mortgage may charge 2% of the outstanding loan amount, while another charge six months. When you make extra payments on your mortgage, the mortgage company will not earn as much interest as expected, so it will charge you the penalty for trying to recover part of the loss.

Benefits of prepaying the loan

There are several advantages to paying the mortgage in advance:

  • Reduces the total interest paid
  • Reduces the number of years in which money is committed to repaying debt, thereby increasing the number of years in which money can be directed to other things, such as retirement savings
  • It allows you to withdraw without a mortgage so you don’t have to worry about paying mortgages on a fixed income
  • Improve your personal net worth by providing an asset (your home) without a corresponding liability (a mortgage)
  • It guarantees tranquility and financial security in the event that your family suffers an income reduction due to loss or illness

How much money can you save?

The interest saved by paying a mortgage in advance is significant, even when mortgage rates are low. For example, a couple that only makes regularly scheduled monthly payments of $ 954, 83 on a $ 200,000 to 4% amortized loan over 30 years pays a total of $ 343, 072, 35. $ 143,072, 35 of which is interest.

If they pay the loan in 20 years, the total interest paid goes down to $ 90.203, 89, for an interest savings of $ 52.868, 46. If they pay it in 15 years, the interest is only $ 65, 620, 89, saving $ 77, 451, 56.

How to pay your mortgage faster

Regardless of whether or not you have a prepayment penalty loan, when you make an extra payment, confirm that it will be applied directly to the loan principal instead of the pending interest or guarantee account, which will not save future interest . Also, consider several other methods to pay the loan faster:

1. Increase the payment of the anniversary date

One way to speed up the completion of mortgage payments is to increase the payments for the mortgage anniversary. However, if the mortgage lender permits it, you can make increases in mortgage payments at any time. If you do not have a prepayment penalty, choose one day a year and increase the mortgage payments. The idea is to commit to increasing the principal payments annually to minimize interest. Some prepayment penalty mortgages allow increases in payment of fixed percentages of 5% or 10% on the anniversary date of the loan.

2. Make lump-sum repayments during the term of the loan

An advance lump sum payment refers to a sum of money applied to the loan principal during the loan term. For mortgages with a prepayment penalty, a lump sum uses part or all of the main deductible. For some mortgages with prepayment penalties, this can be done on any day during the loan period, but the annual total prepayment is limited to a percentage of the original loan amount. Others only allow advance payments in a single payment on the mortgage anniversary date. Mortgages without advance payment penalties do not limit lump-sum repayments.

For example, if a couple pays an additional $ 10,000 loan annually, it will save 12 years of payments and a total of $ 90,287, 02 in the total mortgage interest.

When negotiating the terms of the loan, think carefully about your ability to pay off the loan in advance. While mortgages with penalties can be attractive due to their lower interest rates, if your financial situation changes and you want to start making extra payments, you will face severe penalties and charges.

If you choose a prepayment penalty loan, request a prepayment “privilege” higher than the one offered. If the loan allows an annual advance payment of 10%, ask for 15%. This is something that few people ask and fewer people actually use, so lenders can be flexible to get your business.

If you are really busy paying the loan in advance, choose a mortgage with no prepayment penalty. Yes, the interest rate will be higher, but the possibility of making extra payments of your choice can significantly shorten the duration of the loan, making you faster without mortgages.

3. Increase the frequency of payments

A popular and painless way to pay off your mortgage in advance is to make bi-weekly payments instead of monthly payments. With a monthly payment plan, 12 payments are made in one year, but payment every other week (twice a week) means 26 payments or the equivalent of 13 monthly payments a year. Apply the extra money directly to the main mortgage. This simple process takes years of mortgage.

By simply switching from 12 monthly payments of $ 954, 84 to 26 biweekly payments of $ 477, 42, a pair is reduced to 49, a 4-month mortgage discount and save $ 22, 522, 40 in interest over the life of the loan .

Avoid companies that charge registration fees to organize themselves on a bi-weekly payment plan. Contact your financial institution directly and ask if it can be organized for free. Otherwise, simply send an additional regular monthly payment each year and advise the mortgage lender to apply it directly to the principal.

4. Double mortgage payments

Double the mortgage payments means paying double for each regularly scheduled payment. This drastically reduces the amount of the outstanding loan when the extra funds go to the capital. Carefully check the fine print of your mortgage to see if the amount of the double amount also includes the property tax and the mortgage insurance amount and, if so, confirm that this part goes towards your mortgage and does not languish in a tax or insurance account to be applied against future payments.

If a couple doubles the mortgage payment of $ 954, 83 each month from the time it takes the loan, it will shave 19 years after the mortgage. They will pay in just under 11 years, and will reduce the total interest paid from $ 143,735, 88 to $ 46, 413, 58, saving $ 97, 322, 30 of interest!

5. Make a flat-rate payment on mortgage renewal

For borrowers with a prepayment penalty loan, renewal time is a great opportunity to make larger lump sum payments without mortgage penalties. Apply inheritance, work bonuses or the sale of other assets to the mortgage on renewal to reduce the new loan amount. If it is possible, opt for a mortgage with no penalty upon renewal to allow you to make extra payments whenever you want, and reduce interest costs even more.

Final word

Make sure you read the fine print of your mortgage. This is crucial, especially if you think your mortgage includes a prepayment penalty. The best time to pass the mortgage documents is before signing them. It may not seem like something exciting, but hidden in that tiny print are the keys to understanding when and how much you can pay your mortgage. The opportunity to save thousands of dollars in interest should give you a lot of excitement.

Once you have identified any restrictions on your prepay options, start looking for ways to find extra money to reduce your mortgage balance, mortgage interest due and years until you and your family are mortgaged.

What methods do you use to pay your mortgage faster?

How to wash your car naturally and clean the interior and upholstery

Now that winter is (hopefully) almost finished, your car is probably a little worse for wear. If yours is something like mine, there are salt spots on the bonnet and on the doors, the windows are dirty, the inside is encrusted with salt and sand from the winter boots, and there may be some garbage and confusion scattered here and there.

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Discover Personal Loan Online Fri, 01 Mar 2019 07:53:56 +0000 InCredit: all Philo Vances

InCredit: all Philo Vances

InCredit is the direct bank of the INC Group, established in the Netherlands in 1990 and active in the banking, insurance, pension and investment products sector. Famous for having introduced a new way of “banking”, InCredit has established itself on the credit market for its wide choice of products, all extremely reliable and simple to manage and able to satisfy all the needs of its customers.

If you are looking for a flexible and customizable financing solution, that let you get the liquidity needed to carry out your projects you can without doubt consider Personal Loan, the personal loan of InCredit. As with all InCredit products, you can request Personal Loan in total autonomy and directly from the bank’s website or by downloading the InCredit app on your smartphone.

The products of the Personal line also include other financing solutions and for the management of money, such as the Personal Account, the Personal Loan, the Personal Deposit Account (both restricted and free) and insurance solutions.

InCredit Personal Loan

InCredit Personal Loan

Personal Loan is the InCredit personal loan, which allows you to get from 3,000 to 30,000 euros to be repaid over a period ranging from 12 to 84 months. Personal Loan is the flexible financing solution that adapts to your needs and allows you to pay a repayment installment that fits your financial situation. In fact, in case of difficulty, you can change the installment amount or postpone the deadline.

You can request Personal Loans conveniently online, directly from your PC or from your smartphone, thanks to the InCredit app. In case of difficulty, you can always rely on a support service that will allow you to receive free expert advice from an expert. Furthermore, to obtain an Personal Loan you will not have to specify the purpose of using the requested sum.

Another strong point is the absence of extra costs, in fact there are no additional costs in the opening, management and even in the event of contract closure.

InCredit: Personal Loan and Personal Account

In addition to Crediter Arcs, among the financing solutions proposed by InCredit is also Mutual Arcs, which you can request for various purposes : to buy the first or second home, to carry out restructuring or simply to have the liquidity needed to face any spending. InCredit allows you to have a personalized repayment plan and to choose the interest rate to be applied between fixed, variable or fixed renegotiable.

The InCredit offer also includes Conso Arcs, the deposit account that allows you to give more value to your savings thanks to particularly advantageous rates of return. Complete the Personal Current Account offer, the ideal solution to manage your finances in total autonomy, directly from your PC and without having to incur any type of expense.

InCredit: branches and Personal Points

InCredit: branches and Personal Points

InCredit guarantees its presence on the Italian territory both with branches located in the main cities and with the Personal Points present in the largest shopping centers. At an Personal Point you can request information and open new products, while in InCredit branches you can also withdraw and deposit cash and checks on your Personal Current Account. The complete list of branches and Personal Points is available on the InCredit website.

How to talk to an InCredit operator

How to talk to an InCredit operator

If you need to contact InCredit you will have various systems available. If you are already an InCredit customer you can call the customer support service on the toll-free number 800 71 72 73, or on 02 999 67 89 from a mobile phone and / or from abroad. The service operates from Monday to Friday from 8am to 10pm, and on Saturdays from 8am to 6pm.

If you are not yet an InCredit customer and would like to receive more information about a specific product you will need to contact:

  • the number 848 582 555 for the Personal Account ;
  • the number 848 580 166 for the Personal Current Account ;
  • the number 848 582 008 for Personal Loan ;

For any other problem you can always contact InCredit customer service also via the web, from your Customer Area. Finally, we remind you that it is not possible to call InCredit with Skype : if therefore you should get requests for personal data through some Skype account to this name, do not reply, as this would be a scam.

InCredit Customer Area: how to access?

InCredit Customer Area: how to access?

Through the InCredit Customer Area you can monitor the progress of your savings and carry out operations such as transfers, telephone and prepaid card top-ups and much more. To access the InCredit Reserved Area you simply need to click on the Customers button, which you will find in the top right corner on the home page of the bank’s website. At this point you will need to enter:

  • your InCredit customer code
  • your date of birth
  • some digits of your PIN

In particular, this last step will take place on a page where you will see confidential information on your account that only InCredit could know (eg last access to the InCredit Customer Area and last three digits of your Personal Current Account). In this way you will be sure to find yourself on the official website and you will be able to proceed with the desired operations in complete tranquility.

InCredit: history and company profile

InCredit: history and company profile

InCredit is part of the INC Group, a Dutch financial institution that offers banking, insurance, pension and investment products. InCredit has been active in Italy since 2001, where it has earned the position of first online bank for number of customers and volume of activity. InCredit has started a new way of banking, much more transparent, simple and reliable, able to offer savers simple, easy to manage products.

The InCredit offer includes many financing and money management solutions, able to meet the needs of all types of customers. The convenience and simplicity of its products every day attract a large number of savers that go beyond the 34 million customers in the world with over 4.2 billion euros of net profit in 2015.

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